Saturday, September 15, 2012

Spirits in the Park by Scott Mebus Review

Oh my gosh! I am so sorry for the long wait for my next review! I've been having major computer problems lately and on top of that, I've had a ton of homework every night! Anyone, I hope you forgive me.


Spirits in the Park by Scott Mebus

A month has passed since Mannahatta-the spirit city that coexists alongside Manhattan-was revealed to Rory, when an earthquake rocks New York. The island itself is attempting to shake off the Trap around Central Park, and only Rory has the power to open it before even greater catastrophe strikes. But centuries-old wounds must be healed before Rory turns the key. With New York's most notorious figures-including Captain Kidd and Bill the Butcher-at his side and on his trail, Rory discovers that the answer to peace lies with the one man he never wants to see again: his father.


Spirits in the Park is the sequel to the last review I did, Gods of Manhattan. This book lives up to the glory of the first. It's just as action-packed, exciting, and amazing as it's prequel. Scott Mebus certainly does not disappoint.

Like the summary says, this book takes place a month after Rory's first adventure with Mannahatta. Manhattan is trying to get rid of the Trap that is around Central Park keeping Soka and all her friends and family inside, but if Rory manages to let them out, a war would occur between the Gods of Mannahatta and the Munsees. Rory must first attempt to make peace between the two with help from his friends and little sister.

I had to get this book as soon as it came out just because of how much I loved the first one. I still would have to say the first one in this trilogy is my favorite, but this book doesn't fall far behind. The characters remain true and lovable, while the plot is still just as gripping and will keep you turning the pages. This book is a must read for anyone! Especially if you liked Gods of Manhattan as much as I did.

Like it's predecessor, this book gets a five out five!


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